Thursday, February 08, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/8/07

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Entrance: Prayer Of Death LP (Tee Pee) - While “Prayer Of Death” is the third full length release issued under the Entrance moniker, in many ways this almost seems like a debut. Previously, Entrance was a vehicle for leader Guy Blakeslee’s fairly straight solo blues performances. After relocating to that legendary SoCal haven for talented loners with unique artistic visions, Laurel Canyon, Blakeslee formed a band and reinvented Entrance. Gone are the straight solo blues, replaced by a band (featuring my current rock chick wet dream, Paz Lenchantin, on bass and awesome violin!) delivering eight tracks of lo-fi blues and psychedelia informed by a tradition running from classic rockers, like the Stones and T-Rex, through late-70’s and 80’s acts, such as the Cramps and the Gun Club, up to contemporary groups, like Plastic Crimewave Sound. With the exception of the solo acoustic blues of the title track, this is a noisy, over the top affair, with layers and layers of sound (including sitars and strings, the latter of which plays a particularly important role in the shaping of the overall sound of this album) swirling over, under, and around Blakeslee’s distinctive vocals. Blakeslee whispers, whoops, sings, and wails like a psychedelic shaman as he explores his metaphysical concerns. Highlights include the sweeping granduer of the Eastern European folk-influenced "Pretty Baby" and the noisy eight-minute dirge "Lost in the Dark". Not quite perfect, perhaps, but this is definitely the most captivating record I’ve heard, thusfar, in 2007.

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