Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/19/07 - 2/20/07

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VOCOKESH: ...All This And Hieronymus Bosch CD (Strange Attractors Audio House) - F/i co-founder Richard Franecki’s dependable spacerock project, Vocokesh, returns to deliver its eighth transmission. Dependable is the operative word here, as the 11 tracks on this release reflect no more than a few minor innovations in the group’s sonic attack. The band has dropped the somewhat more song oriented approach that was present on their previous effort (2005’s “Through The Smoke”) and returned to their familar style of improvised, instrumental jamming. In addition, Franecki’s sitar work plays an expanded role on a couple of cuts, which gives those tracks a more “Eastern” flavor, as well as a more languid feel that’s more “spacey” and less “rocking”. Otherwise, it’s just another solid dose of classic spacerock, featuring driving fuzz riffs, analog synth atmospherics (courtesy of my good friend, former band mate in Primordial Undermind, and talented multi-instrumentalist, Doug Pearson!), and masterful psychedelic guitar leads. Like I indicated above, overall, there’s nothing particularly new nor groundbreaking about the material on this release, yet there’s still something pretty satisfying in hearing masters of the spacerock art form plying their trade in full glory.

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