Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/11/07 - 2/13/07

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JANDEK: Khartoum CD (Corwood) - While I was down with Jandek before Jandek was cool (a proud owner of all of his first 22 releases that were originally on vinyl only!), I must admit that I sort of lost interest in Brother J a few years and albums back when he went into a period of solo piano, bass and vox, and even, a cappella releases. While doing some research on an entirely different artist, I landed on some work by Seth Tisue (who has the most complete Jandek website in the universe at http://tisue.net/jandek/), which prompted me to check into the Jandek developments over the past few years. The most notable of these developments, of which I was already, of course, aware, was that Jandek had ended his self-imposed exile and had actually performed a few live shows. I also checked out the review section, which indicated that Jandek had returned (at least temporarily) to the solo acoustic guitar and vox mode of his glory days, so I decided to purchase one of the titles, “Khartoum”, that sounded promising. I’m glad I did, as “Khartoum” is a return to the “classic” Jandek sound that established him as a minor underground legend. It contains eight tracks of his trademark atonal, alien acoustic guitar improvisations which provide a fitting sonic tapestry in which to weave the psychic and metaphysical concerns of his lyrics; all delivered in his demented vocal stylings that range from barely audible, nearly spoken word to pathetic, childlike wails. While I doubt this release could ever reignite the fascination I once had regarding Jandek, it certainly is a welcome return to form and may inspire me to investigate more of his recent releases in the coming days.

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