Sunday, February 25, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/22/07 - 2/25/07

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DRAKE, HAMID / BEGER / PARKER: Evolving Silence, Vol. 1 CD (Earsay) - The Sonictroubadour searches the earth to find new and interesting sounds. Recently, I discovered Israel’s Earsay label and decided to mailorder a few of the most promising titles to investigate. Naturally, two of my selections were releases by this trio consisting of the Jazz world’s leading rhythm section, percussionist Hamid Drake and bassist William Parker, and Israeli multi-instrumentalist Albert Beger. After its soulful opening theme, the first track “Naked Truth” developes into a fairly solid freedom chase with Beger soaring high on tenor above Drake and Parker. “Duo #1” features Beger on alto flute, with Parker on bass. “Duo #2” is another excellent freedom chase, with Beger returning to the tenor, this time accompanied by Drake. The album closes with its best track “Rain Is Calling”, an incredible African folk influenced piece, with Drake working both shakers and the kit while Beger adds a soulful Coltrane informed wail to Parker’s impressive performance on the beautiful and hypnotic douson ngoni (an African hunter’s harp) that continues to expand the vocabulary of the Jazz idiom. So far, the return on my modest investment in Earsay Jazz is quite high. as Beger is an exciting new (at least to me) performer and on this release this trio has delivered a diverse range of high calibre Jazz. Outstanding!

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