Sunday, February 18, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/18/07

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NOTHING PEOPLE: Problems 7-EP (S-S Records) - Although I’ve been aware of Orland, California's Nothing People for awhile now, I’ll admit I’ve lagged on picking this up; primarily because I really don’t follow the singles scene anymore. Oh, I used to, back in “the day” (and I have almost 2000!), but now I only buy the essential things I’ve heard. Well, this four song 7” EP on S-S Records fits that description. From the awesome lo-fi cyberpunk (in the fine tradition of bands like Chrome) of “Twinkie Defense” to the noisy punk stomper “I Can’t Find A Monkey”, this is an engaging mix of familar, yet still strangely fresh sounding elements. An excellent 7" that makes one wonder if the band has a full length of this calibre in them. If they did, that could really be something special.

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