Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/26/07 - 2/27/07

Adds -

DRAKE, HAMID / BEGER / PARKER: Evolving Silence, Vol. 2 CD (Earsay) - The four tracks on Volume 2 of this series of releases from this trio focuses on the quieter, more subtle aspects of their sound. The opening title track is composed of alternating duo (Parker and Drake) and trio segments, in which Beger blows freely sometimes and at other times contributes minimalist skronk. “Duo #3” is an interesting free improv duet between Parker and Beger, which showcases Beger on alto flute, both talking through his instrument and playing it in a very percussive manner. The aptly named “Funky Lacy” is, indeed, the most uptempo piece on this release. The album closes with its best track " Skies of Israel" an evocative and soulful composition featuring Parker's masterful bow work and Beger's wailing tenor. While this set is clearly not as strong as the first volume in this series, it is still a worthy release and I hope to hear more from Beger in the future.

Archival Additions -

CIRCLE X: S/T CD-EP (Dexter’s Cigar) - Somebody must have uncovered a box or two of this 1996 CD reissue (on the now defunct Drag City subsidiary, Dexter's Cigar, which was curated by David Grubbs and Jim O'Rourke) of the debut 12" EP by Circle X, thereby making losers like me, who missed out on it in the first place (and second, for that matter!), happy. Originally recorded and released in France in 1979, this CD-EP contains four tracks of incredible, driving, lo-fi, no wave art punk distorto-doom. Damn, this classic is just stoking the renewed fire of my interest in punk (both new and old school!) even more!

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