Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/28/07

Adds -

No Adds Of New Releases

Archival Additions -

DIED PRETTY: S/T 12-EP (What Goes On) - Although Australia’s Died Pretty was a mainstream pandering indie rock band for the majority of their nearly 20 year existence, they did manage to capture a few minutes of true rock glory during their career. This self-titled 12” EP from 1984 compiles the material from their first two 7” singles, which were originally released on the Australian label Citadel Records. Produced by the great Radio Birdman vocalist Rob Younger, this EP contains three tracks: "Out Of The Unknown" (a typical sounding indie rocker from the period that would be forgettable if not for some excellent slide guitar work from Brett Myers), the pleasant, but unremarkable pop ballad "World Without", and their pinnacle of achievement, the 10 minute “Mirror Blues”, a driving rocker featuring in the red keyboards and noisy, over the top electric leads.

Did Not Add -

MUTUMBAJOY, SANTIAGO: Yage Pinta! Psychedelic Shaman Songs Of Santiago Mutumbajoy CD (Latitude) - The Latitude subsidiary of Chicago's fine Locust imprint returns after as long absence with this release of solo vocal recordings from Colombian, Santiago Mutumbajoy, which he made while under the influence of a hallucinogen called yage. While I don't deny that these tracks were somewhat interesting and I am glad to have heard/experienced them, I can't imagine deriving any further benefit out of them with additional play, so I, ultimately, consigned this release to the Amoeba trade pile.

At the risk of being gauche, might I suggest that if someone were to do a "remix" (as much as I, in general, am not a big fan of the endless remixing of musical pieces so popular today) of this with some appropriate accompanying music, it could potentially be quite cool. I know - blasphemy!

Running Count For The Year

Adds 31/82%

Did Not Add 7/18%

Oh, and while I'm name dropping Amoeba, let me say a big "FUCK YOU" to that dopey sweater and thick plastic glasses wearing, "do you think my nerd look is cool?" (NO!), "Even though I'm in my 40's, I'll never be anything more than a lowly worker behind the counter of a record store that you patronize annually to the tune of $2K that helps pay my meager salary" (You're damn straight, loser! I buy, you serve!), Mark Pittman, a stupid little pussy fucktard who, even after all his years tied to the counter at Amoeba, apparently doesn't know the difference between a xmas record and an electronica record!

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