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Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/3/07 - 2/5/07

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CAINE, URI, ENSEMBLE: Plays Mozart CD (Winter And Winter) - In fairness, I should begin this review by stating that, with the exception of a few recordings by 20th Century avant-garde composers and a smattering of well-known standards of the genre, I have little interest in, knowledge of, nor appreciation for Classical music. That being stated, I do continue to try to push my limits and expand my musical horizons beyond my comfort zone. So, to that end, I purchased this latest release from the Uri Caine Ensemble, “Plays Mozart”. I figured that if there was going to be anything new that goes under the general rubric of “Classical music” that I would appreciate, it would be a project featuring some of the hottest, most respected members of the current NYC improvisational underground, such as Chris Speed and DJ Olive.

While this certainly isn’t your Grandfather’s Classical music, only a few tracks (most notably, the amazing, eastern-influenced, “Turkish Rondo From Piano Sonata In A Major”, and the jazzy, experimental version of, “Symphony 40 In G Minor”) really successfully achieve the synthesis of sound that this project portended. The remaining tracks were either relatively straightforward in nature (mainly the various “Piano Sonatas”) or were less well-conceived (and/or executed) tracks where the various elements and musical styles remained relatively segregated, with the focus changing abruptly from segment to segment, rather than flowing in a more seamless (and successful) blend. I applaud Caine and his cohorts for attempting such an intriguing and ambitious concept, but, after giving this release several spins, it still failed satisfy me adequately to make the grade.

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