Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 2/7/07

Adds -


Did Not Add -

BISHOP, SIR RICHARD: Electronika Demonika LP (Locust) - Richard Bishop is best known as a member of the legendary Sun City Girls. He also has several (primarily) solo acoustic guitar releases that are in a general, post-Fahey improvisational style that’s additionally informed by Bishop’s interest in a variety of international folk music. Bishop, however, completely eschews his acoustic guitar on “Electronika Demonika”, which features music from the soundtrack to Bishop's film "God Damn Religion”. It’s an appropriate title, as the material on this release is certainly dark and demonic sounding, mixing deep space drones, a wash of gurgling electronic noises, insane vocal samples, and, in some segments, industrial pound. While I can’t deny that I found some of this to be interesting (particularly the first track on the B-Side), I didn’t feel that future spins were likely to reveal additional aural rewards. I, therefore, ultimately decided not to add this title to my personal music library.

I should note that this is a limited to 1000 copies, already sold out, vinyl only edition, so if any of you readers think this would appeal more to you than it did to me, then, by all means, contact me and I’m sure we could make the appropriate arrangements for you to have a copy of this rarity for your very own to enjoy!

Running Count For The Year

Adds 19/79%

Did Not Add 5/21%

On The Horizon, Upcoming New Releases Of Potential Interest -

Fursaxa: Alone in the Dark Wood LP (Eclipse) Out Now!!! I just mail ordered it.

Grails: Burning Off Impurities DLP (Temporary Residence Ltd.) April 24, 2007

Silmaril: The Voyage Of The Icarus DLP (Locust) March 6, 2007

Mutumbajoy, Santiago: Yage Pinta! Psychedelic Shaman Songs Of Santiago Mutumbajoy CD (Locust/Latitude) March 6, 2007


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