Sunday, August 05, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/1/07 - 8/5/07

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JESU / ELUVIUM: S/T Split LP (Temporary Residence) - This pairing of Justin Broadrick’s Jesu and Eluvium is the second release in a series of split LPs being issued conjointly by Temporary Residence Ltd. and Hydra Head Records. The material on Jesu’s side continues in the vein of their recent “Conqueror ” double LP. The opening track “Farewell” is the longest and best of the side’s three tracks, combining mechanical loops and beats with layers of droning keyboards to create a retro-shoegaze gem. “Blind & Faithless” uses a similar formula, but increases the BPM, to produce a respectable track of almost danceable ethereal dream pop that wouldn’t sound out of place on any number of albums on the 4AD label, circa 1991. The final and least satisfying track “Why Are We Not Perfect?” is a plodding, somewhat electronica-leaning pop dirge. Eluvium’s contribution is the appropriately titled “Time-Travel Of The Sloth Parts I, II, & III”, a fairly standard, side-long, post-rock instrumental dronescape that failed to impress this listener. Enjoyable enough in parts, but hardly essential to anybody other than pathetic Jesu vinyl completists, like me.

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