Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/21/07

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KINSKI: Down Below It’s Chaos DLP (Sub Pop) - Dependable Seattle spacerockers, Kinski, return with their latest full length on Sub Pop. Dependable being the operative word here, as the nine tracks on “Down Below It’s Chaos” reflect no more than a few minor innovations in the group’s familiar sonic attack. The scorching “Crybaby Blowout” kicks off the proceedings in fine fashion and is the best of the set’s several rockers. The excellent “Passwords & Alcohol” follows and may be the most accessible piece on album, opening with a few minutes of angular, indie rock before culminating in an eruption of satisfying, dissonant, distorto-riffage. Two of the final three tracks are both the album’s longest and best cuts. “Plan, Steal, Drive” begins with a segment that combines droning keyboards and cool guitar figures that eventually gives way to a blast of rock heaviness that displays a vague hint of prog/metal influences, as well. My personal favorite “Silent Biker Type” is a mellow, yet engaging, groover in which layers of drones and tremoloed/delayed guitar tones slowly evolve until the rhythm section kicks in to provide a solid foundation for a beautiful psychedelic wash of guitar feedback, wah wah freakouts and classic Hammond B-3 sounds, courtesy of stellar guest keyboardist, Joe Doria. The remaining tracks are merely less compelling variations on the themes/styles developed on the tracks previously described. Like I indicated above, overall, there’s nothing particularly new nor groundbreaking about the material on this release, still, Kinski’s “Down Below It’s Chaos” is an enjoyable, if not noteworthy, listening experience.

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