Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/6/07 - 8/8/07

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SUN CITY GIRLS: Beginnings Dark One-Sided 12” (Enterruption) - For hard core collectors like me, a new Sun City Girls one-sided 12”, in a limited edition of 320, with elaborate packaging and lots of cool inserts is an irresistible fetish item. As nice as all those little trinkets and the feeling of smug superiority of being among the limited few, “the cool”, may be, it is still, ultimately, the music that really matters. Unfortunately, the music on "Beginnings Dark" is merely a backwards mastered version of the classic Sun City Girls’ track “The Venerable Song (the meaning of which is still unknown)”. Now look, I realize full well that art, beauty, and merit are in the ear, eye, and mind of the beholder. In addition, I’m no neophyte nor mere dilettante. No, I’ve been exposed to and, in many cases, down with the most extreme forms of sonic art from Anal Cunt and Bertoia to Fluxus and Zeni Geva. So, it’s not that I’m some “square” who just doesn’t “get it" and I'm, therefore, compelled to state it plainly: "Beginnings Dark" is an utter waste of vinyl, time and money on the part of all parties involved, from producers to consumers. I’m still not sure how being a avid collector who supports the scene (and in many ways, not just through the purchase of albums!) means that I deserve to be played for a sucker, but I hope that at least the Bishop Brothers and the “geniuses” at Enterruption are getting a good laugh at me and the other 319 unfortunate saps who bought this turkey.

Since I was truly sincere when I stated that I realize that art, beauty, and merit are in the ear, eye, and mind of the beholder, if any of you readers by some unlikely chance disagree with my assessment and would like to purchase this lovely art project, I’d be glad to part with it for the same fucking $36 I paid for it! Just drop me an email. I won’t be holding my breath, though...

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the antipenultimate said...

steve - hey! I cant disagree with you more. I also picked this up. spent a lot of cashola i do not have. But man i was impressed. Sure the package is a beauty and i could go on about this (and the great concert write ups). However, I truly think the music on this platter is amazing. Turn up loud!! Some dark, crazed, wacked avant shit going on right there. I find the dynamics and drama compelling and even a bit unsettling. It works! Conceptually it`s strong but did they know this would work so well so much later in their career? I think it`s a genius post-gocher release and easily best record i have heard this year. A nice change from the plethora of hippy drippy strummy shizzer coming out nowadays. Not too mention genric drone city. Anyway - my two pence. bzt - mark

Steve Taiclet said...

Hey, Mark, thanks for the input. Dissenting views are welcome and encouraged. Given the music you list as being into (Birthday Party, Masayuki Takayanagi, Getachew Mekurya, etc.) on your profile, I hope you'll continue to check my humble little blog out, as I discuss those artists and other similar artists (Holy Kiss CD review coming soon, for example), too!