Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/22/07 - 8/28/07

TREE PEOPLE: S/T CD (Tiliqua) - This expensive, limited edition, Japanese-only import CD reissues a rare 1979 private press LP from Oregon’s Tree People. Over hyped, in my humble opinion, as being an acid folk classic, the nine tracks on this disc certainly do feature many of the requisite instruments (acoustic guitar, flute, recorder, bells and other miscellaneous percussion) and moves typical of the (sub)genre, with tracks like “Pot Of Gold”, “Opus”, and, most notably, the excellent acid folk raga “Space Heater” clearly delivering the goods. Unfortunately, an almost equal percentage of the material on this album is of the more mainstream pandering folk variety, which tries too hard to be arty and musicianly and, in addition, often contains suspect lyrics and vocals. While this disc is enjoyable enough in parts, in the final analysis, it was still barely a “keeper” for me and probably not worth the fare for anyone who is not a pretty dedicated collector of vintage folk sounds.

On a related note, it seems as if this reissue, rightly or not, has rekindled some interest in the Tree People. Their second album “Human Voices”, from 1984, is being reissued later in the year and the group has begun rehearsing together again, with the goal of recording and performing live again.

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