Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/14/07

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ZELIENOPLE: His/Hers LP (TYPE) - As fate would have it, mere days after I first, belatedly, discovered the pleasures of Zelienople (via their 2006 LP “Stone Academy”), comes “His/Hers”, the latest full-length release from this Chicago-based trio. It’s their fifth, overall, and, coincidentally, contains five relatively lengthy tracks. While the material on this album contains similar sonic elements, the band has definitely shifted its focus to the more electric and improvisational aspects of their sound. Two tracks, “Family Beast” and “Parts Are Lost”, feature Zelienople‘s trademark blend of slow motion, hazy, acid folk, with reverb drenched tones, softly spoken vocals/moans and, in general, lots of ambient atmosphere. The beginning segment of the LP’s best track, “Moss Man”, continues in that vein before erupting at around the midway point with a blast of dense, noisy, free improv glory. “Forced March” reverses that approach, opening with an excellent segment of drone rock, before drifting off into a combination of minimal drones and echoing tones. Only the album’s closing track “Sweet Ali”, a very minimal, experimental piece, failed to satisfy. Overall, however, “His/Hers” is another intriguing and engaging collage of sound from Zelienople.

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