Monday, August 20, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/17/07 - 8/20/07

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SUN SUPREME: S/T LP (MEDS) - Hot on the heels of the “Beginnings Dark” one-sided 12”, comes this new and limited LP from a mysterious ad hoc collective that features members of the Sun City Girls (Alan Bishop and Charlie Gocher), Sun Supreme. This LP contains four tracks of minimal, disjointed improvisational basement racket created on guitar, bass, drum, banjo, piano, and all manner of percussion (including gamelan and marimba!) that completely failed to impress this listener. I’ve really been a big supporter of the Sun City Girls over the years, so it gives me no pleasure to state this, but it is hard for me to not view this release as merely being another cynical attempt to exploit passionate fans and collectors with substandard material from the vaults. It’s a disgrace, in my humble opinion, to tarnish the legacy of the Sun City Girls and disrespect the memory of the late Charles Gocher in such a fashion, especially for a few bucks!

Don't be a fool, like me - save your money!

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