Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 7/31/07

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ZELIENOPLE: Stone Academy LP (Root Strata) - I recently scored this very limited (only 300 copies) vinyl version of this 2006 release from Chicago’s Zelienople on the Tarentel curated Root Strata imprint while I was in San Diego. The majority of the 9 tracks on this LP feature Zelienople‘s unique and pleasing blend of slow, drifting, acid folk and thick, hazy, ambient drones, of which “Fuck Everything”, “More Mess”, and (the somewhat more focused and polished sounding) “When You Were 9” were my personal favorites. The band takes their music to a higher plane, however, on “Bird’s Face”, delivering a dense drone rock epic which is clearly the highlight of the album. There are also a couple of dronescapes and less successful, dark, experimental improvisations to round out this set. While the Zelienople crew certainly isn’t breaking any new ground, I’ll readily admit that I found the lush, psychedelic beauty of “Stone Academy” to be quite seductive and, therefore, worthy of repeated spins.

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