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Music I Liked And Didn't - 7/9/07

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SUNRAY (Featuring Sonic Boom): Ocean 12” EP (Earworm) - Sunray is the long-running project of Jon Chambers. Since 1993 Chambers has collaborated with an ever changing cast of supporting players and the material they’ve created has sporadically been released on a variety of compilations, 7”s, 12”s, and even a couple of full-length LPs/CDs. This 12” EP was released on the UK imprint Earworm in 2006 and contains three tracks.

An amazing 13-minute cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Ocean” which features the talents of Spacemen 3’s Sonic Boom takes up the entirety of the A-Side. The track starts out in a manner that’s fairly faithful to the original, with Sonic’s trademark vocals being accompanied by some pleasant, distorted guitar riffage, before heading to the heart of 3AM with a segment of beautifully layered guitar feedback, droning organs, and psychedelic synth treatments. Although Sonic Boom is no longer involved in the proceedings, the homage to Spacemen 3 continues on the first track of the B-Side with the languid, acoustic guitar based, lysergic pop strum of "I Wish You Were Mine", which sounds very much like it could have been composed by Jason “Spaceman” Pierce. "One Note Jam (Reprise)" is a rather dodgy recording (for example, there’s lots of crowd noise interrupting the music; recreating, unfortunately, the all too often real experience of seeing bands in clubs!) of some fairly standard live psych jamming that closes out the set. Frankly, it is hard for me to view it as being anything more than something to fill out the remaining space on this EP. This final flawed track, however, is of little consequence to the overall merits of this brief set, as the return of Sonic Boom, coming as close to recapturing the glories of the classic, late-80’s Spacemen 3 sound as he (or anybody else, for that matter!) has in years, makes Sunray’s “Ocean” EP an essential addition to any collection of contemporary psych sounds.

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