Sunday, July 01, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 7/1/07

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MARC RIBOT: Asmodeus: Book of Angels, Volume 7 CD (Tzadik) - “Asmodeus” is the seventh release of material from John Zorn’s expansive second “book” (AKA The Book Of Angels) of compositions written for his various Masada projects. For this recording, Zorn assembled a trio of outstanding musicians to perform “rock” interpretations of ten pieces.

Led by guitarist extraordinaire and long-time Masada veteran Marc Ribot, who is given, no pun intended, rock solid support from the outstanding rhythm section of Trevor Dunn (Electric Masada, Fantômas, etc.) on bass and G. Calvin Weston (Ornette Coleman, James Blood Ulmer, etc.) on drums, this trio rips through an absolutely smokin’ set of material ranging from slammin’, but still tuneful rock (best exemplified by "Yezriel", "Mufgar", "Zakun", and "Dagiel") to metallic outre-jazz (personal favorites include the pummeling opening track “Kalmiya” and the scorching “Sensenya”, which closes out the album) of a high order. Throughout this disc, Ribot displays an impressive combination of technique, passion, and power, making this truly one of highlight’s of his extensive career and also one the most mind blowing releases in the Masada discography to date. A sonic tour de force, “Asmodeus” is not to be missed!

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