Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/29/06

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CLINE, NELS: New Monastery: A View Into The Music Of Andrew Hill CD (Cryptogramophone) - Guitarist extraorindaire, Cline, has assembled a sextet of talented musicians to explore the music of pianist/composer/leader, Andrew Hill. Cline is excellent throughout, delivering tasteful pointillistic leads and subuded jazz chording, in addition to his trademark fiery freedom chases and experimental effects. Cline and crew cover a wide range of styles on this release. There’s one funky slammer (“Yokada Yokada/The Rumproller”); two excellent pieces (“Dedication” and “Reconciliation/New Monastery”) which, in alternating segments, highlight the talents of the group’s members both as soloists and as a unit with tight and sweet ensemble passages; and the album closes with the tour de force, “Complusion”. A couple of tracks are more minimal, tend to meander a bit and, as a result, are less satisfying, but overall, this a worthy, if at times uneven, release.

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