Monday, November 13, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/13/06

Adds -

HIGGS, DANIEL (A. I. U.), INTERDIMENSIONAL SONG-SEAMSTRESS: Ancestral Songs LP (Holy Mountain) - Another installment from loner/outsider, Daniel Higgs. This one contains a couple of pretty straightforward acid folk tracks, with only acoustic guitar and vocals, a couple of lo-fi electro freakouts, and each side is anchored by a lengthy basement psych raga. The A-Side’s, “Thy Chosen Bride”, begins with some nice solo out-banjo (damn, second review in as many days with out-banjo, WTF?!?) before the LP’s most gripping lyrics/vocals begin around the middle of the track. The B-Side’s, “Are You Of The Body?” is an outstanding instrumental that combines drones with some tasty acoustic and electric guitar work.

NELSON, WILLIE: Songbird LP (Lost Highway) - A big, beautiful sounding recording from this true American icon. A nice blend of classic country, basic rock, and blues elements, combined with that rich voice delivering lyrics that speak to the human condition on many levels.

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Running Count For The Year

Adds 141/65%

Did Not Add 74/35%

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