Monday, November 27, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/23/06 - 11/27/06

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CYANN AND BEN: Sweet Beliefs CD (Ever Records) - The third full-length release from France’s Cyann And Ben comes to us, via import only, on the emerging German imprint, Ever Records. While they’ve remained fairly faithful to their unique blend of pop, psych, and krautrock that was so successful on their previous two releases, the material on, “Sweet Beliefs”, focuses more on their quieter, more subdued side and, in general, the compositions here just do not seem to be quite as strong. As a result, this is clearly their weakest release to date, in my humble opinion. That all being stated, there are still several solid tracks that make this quite worthy of owning, but I do hope that this release only indicates a temporary lapse, rather than the beginning of a new and unfortunate career trajectory.

More archival additions from my recent numerous Amoeba used vinyl scores:

DOG FACED HERMANS: Hum Of Life LP (Konkurrel) - I corrected an embarrassing and unexplicable oversight in my collection when I recently scored an original vinyl copy of this classic LP from these great art punk counterculturalists.

WHITE MAGIC: Through The Sun Door 12” EP (Drag City) - I was so impressed with the recent Dat Rosa Mel Apibus album that I decided I should probably catch up on this earlier release from White Magic, too. The six tracks on this 12” EP are very similar to the material on the double LP (i.e., unique, contemporary acid folk and pop), except on this recording Billotte is supported by a smaller cast of guests and, as a result, the songs are a little more straightforward, a little less fully developed sounding. Overall, still quite an engaging release.

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