Thursday, November 02, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/1/06 - 11/2/06

First off, thanks to the mysterious (and pleasingly named) DJ Martian for listing Sonictroubadour (unbeknownst to me/not at my request, as I’ve never even heard of him before, so this isn’t like the self congratulatory exchanges on myspace, which are virtually meaningless, as they amount to, “I’ll say you’re cool, if you say I’m cool” - so, what validity do such recommendations really have?!?) as being among his favorite sites for the Music Blogosphere based on his criteria, which is to find and promote weblogs for the discerning listener with an interest in creative artistic music across the contemporary sound spectrum. That’s certainly the sonic territory that I’m trying to cover and it’s good to get some positive feedback that I’m accomplishing that mission. Now, on to the music...

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SELDA: S/T CD (B-Music) - This reissue of the first Selda LP, originally issued in 1976 on the Turkuola label, comes hot on the heels of the reissue of her second LP (also from 1976 on Turkuola originally) earlier this year. As good as her second LP was, this one is even better. While it contains a similar mix eastern-influenced psychedelic rock and acid folk tracks, the balance of each type of track is reversed. On this release, outstanding electric (with fuzz guitars, electric saz, and primitive synthesisers) psych tracks dominate, while the acid folk tracks (which are also quite good) are in the minority. Frankly, the only real negative comment I can make about this reissue is that it is not from tapes, unfortunately, but it’s still well worth having, despite the slightly compromised sound. Another public service from B-Music.

WOODEN SHJIPS: Dance, California (Radio Edit) / Clouds Over Earthquake 7” (Sick Thirst) - Big thanks to Karl of Anopheles Records (I’d recommend you check his entire catalogue at for hooking me up with this 7” from local project, Wooden Shjips. A-Side, “Dance, California”, is an amphetamine driven mixture of white hot, acid punk guitar leads over crunching, Kraut/Spacerock rhythms that would fit quite comfortably next to bands like Simply Saucer, Chrome, and Shatter. B-Side, “Clouds Over Earthquake”, is an excellent, more traditional take on the classic Kraut/Spacerock sound. To make matters even better, Wooden Shjips also has a 10” out now (which will be reviewed here within the next day or two) and a full-length coming out on Holy Mountain soon. Outstanding !

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Running Count For The Year

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Did Not Add 73/35%

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