Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/14/06

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WHITE MAGIC: Dat Rosa Mel Apibus 2XLP (Drag City) - This is the debut full-length from NYC-based duo, White Magic. The echos of the ‘60’s reverberate throughout this release’s 12 tracks of acid folk and pop. Mira Billotte’s unique vocal stylings remind me of any number of underground folk singer-songwriters from those long ago destroyed days. Her somewhat off-kilter piano playing, which dominates many of these tracks, is also reminiscent of the 60’s in both style and tone. One should not conclude, however, that this is some obvious, clumsy, and, as a result, relatively unsatisfying attempt to merely imitate the sounds of the ‘60’s. Rather, it’s more like Billotte has absorbed and integrated those sounds and now those influences have almost organically emerged in these songs to offer a nice blend of comfortable, familiar elements and a unique, modern sound. On many tracks (and these are the most developed/best tracks, too!) they are supported by a revolving cast of luminaries, including Samara Lubelski and the Dirty Three’s, Jim White. Gorgeous sounding and beautifully packaged, this album is excellent in every aspect!

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