Sunday, April 08, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 4/8/07

Adds -


Did Not Add -

NVH/CHASNEY: Plays The Book Of Revelations LP (Yik Yak) - Friends Noel Von Harmonson (Comets On Fire) and Ben Chasney (Six Organs Of Admittance) join forces to deliver four tracks of super distorto noise that completely failed to satisfy. This LP is apparently super limited and does come in a deluxe fold out jacket, so, despite its utter lack of merit, it's bound to become a collectable. If for any reason you think that you'd appreciated this rarity more than I did, then, by all means, please contact me and I'm sure we can arrange to get you hooked up with a copy - and for far less than the collector scum prices on eBay, too!

Running Count For The Year

Adds 48/81%

Did Not Add 11/19%

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