Sunday, April 15, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 4/15/07

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DAVID S. WARE QUARTET: Renunciation CD (Aum Fidelity) - This CD captures the David S. Ware Quartet performing mostly new material live at NYC’s always stellar Vision Festival in 2006. The opening track “Ganesh Sound” is an excellent celestial Jazz slow burner on which Ware is the only soloist. Unfortunately, I was significantly less impressed with the second piece (which, ironically, I would assume was intended to be the set’s centerpiece), the 18+ minute “Renunciation Suite I”, which I found to be a rather disjointed composition. The quartet quickly regains their fine form on the next track “Renunciation Suite II”, an incendiary freedom chase highlighted by some amazing interplay between Shipp and Ware. The next piece “Renunciation Suite III” also features Shipp, this time in an incredible duo with Parker who masterfully applies the bow to his bass and together they create music of transcendent beauty. “Mikuro’s Blues” is another dose of classic Ware on tenor - soulful, powerful, and very lyrical. After a reprise of “Ganesh Sound”, the album closes with “Saturnian”, a composition that was somewhat similar in structure to “Renunciation Suite I” and, as a result, also failed to satisfy. While not an unqualified winner from start to finish (a little editing might have been desirable, too!), “Renunciation” is still a solid live document from one of the Jazz world’s best quartets.

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