Friday, April 06, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 4/3/07 - 4/6/07

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Did Not Add -

LAS GRECAS: Gipsy Rock CD (Underground Masters) - The reissue of this 1974 album from Las Grecas has been hyped as being like, "the Spanish Erkin Koray". Such a description has to be one of the most inaccurate, hyperbolic, and outright unethical attempts at generating revenue in recent memory. Sure, the material on this CD does contain a few solid exploito-psych and hard rock influenced moves, but make no mistake, this is purely a studio concocted serving of pop and rock ear candy. Not even fantasies about the two little Spanish hotties (who must be grandmothers by now, anyway!) who front this, err, "group" nor the fact that I used to live in Spain (and, therefore, have a heightened openness for/interest in all things Iberian), could salvage this reissue from my trade pile.

Running Count For The Year

Adds 47/82%

Did Not Add 10/18%

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