Sunday, April 01, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 3/29/07 - 4/1/07

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SAPAT: Mortise And Tenon LP (Siltbreeze) - Sapat is yet another project to emerge from the loose and expansive collective of Louisville, Kentucky area musicians that have issued albums under such monikers as Kark, the Phantom Family Halo, and so on. While some of their releases have found favor with these ears (Phantom Family Halo) and others haven’t (Valley Of The Ashes), all have contained loose, improvisational jamming of uneven quality. “Mortise And Tenon” the debut LP from Sapat on the revitalized Siltbreeze imprint (!) continues in that, err, “tradition”. The majority of the tracks contain a unique blend of rough, organic “American Primitive” instrumentation, loose basement psych jamming, and Krautrock kosmisch groove, the best of these being the awesome “Maat Fount”. There’s also a couple of more structured, more rock oriented tracks. My personal favorite among these is “Lovely And Free”, a solid dose of lo-fi, angular, art punk that almost sounds as if it could have been created by some band of freakish brethren a couple hundred miles north and 30 years ago. While not uniformly great, “Mortise And Tenon” is probably the strongest signal yet to emenate from the Black Velvet Fuckere universe.

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