Sunday, April 29, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 4/28/06 - 4/29/06

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PLANTS: Photosynthesis CD (Strange Attractors Audio House) - Plants are a new and appropriately named project from Portland Oregon. Centered around the husband-wife team of Joshua and Molly Blanchard and supported by a variety of guest musicians, Plants use a wide array of instruments (cello, saw, banjo, organ, bells, recordings of “found sounds” and, of course, both acoustic and electric guitars) to create these eight tracks of rich drones and fragile acid folk. Although there’s certainly nothing groundbreaking about material on “Photosynthesis”, there’s no denying its charms as a soundtrack for mindlessly gazing at the smoke as it floats away through the filtered light of the trees on a breezy, but hot, summer day.

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Running Count For The Year

Adds 59/82%

Did Not Add 13/18%

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