Saturday, April 07, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 4/7/07

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V/A: Halleluwah - Festival Of Enthused Arts LP (Blackbird Presents/Yeti Magazine) - This super limited, vinyl only collection was released to commemorate the excellent multi-media Halleluwah Festival, which was held in September, 2006 at the Disjecta Interdisciplinary Arts Center in Portland, Oregon. A variety of artists who performed at the festival, both well-known and relatively unknown, contributed previously unreleased material (with the exception of Vashti Bunyan’s beautiful classic “Hidden”) that covers a wide range of styles from Stoogian psycho-rock (Nudity) to straight folk (Michael Hurley) and everything in between. Highlights include Romancing's hallucination inducing mix of experimental deep space sounds and ethereal female vocals "Mind Jail", the lo-fi, circa 1989, bedroom indie-pop of the Holy Sons’ “Torture Chamber”, Alela Diane’s modern take on authentic country blues sounds “Tatted Love”, and Sir Richard Bishop's reverb drenched guitar soli raga "Dhumavati". Like most collections of this type, all the tracks on this LP aren’t uniformly great, but, overall, both the variety and quality of the material is quite excellent.

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