Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 3/13/07

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SILMARIL: The Voyage Of Icarus CD (Locust) - Silmaril was a Milwaukee-based group who were active during the 1970’s. They released one rare LP “Given Time Or The Several Roads” in 1973. This CD compiles the best tracks from that album, as well as material from a never released second LP “No Mirrored Temple”. I’m not normally a big fan of xian recordings, but the appeal of the better tracks on this release is hard to deny. Some of this material is very straightforward, dark, personal folk. Other tracks add little lysergic touches such as pump organ and sitar to excellent effect. The disc closes with, perhaps, its best track, a stunning dose of acid folk “Song Of The Apocalpyse”. As I similarly noted about the new release of archival recordings from Serpent Power “Ourobouros” a couple of days ago, there aren’t any great revelations awaiting the listener of this CD, but still it captures a nice sonic snapshot of a time and scene that, otherwise, would soon be forgotten and lost forever.

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