Monday, March 12, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 3/12/07

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CRIES OF DISILLUSION: S/T CD (Earsay) - Cries Of Disillusion was short-lived quintet formed by Israeli ex-patriots (and current stalwarts in the NYC free music scene) Assif Tsahar (tenor sax and bass clarinet) and Ori Kaplan (alto sax) during a 1999 visit to their homeland. There they reunited with old friends and musical partners Daniel Sarid (piano) and Oded Goldsmith (bass), and added American percussionist Bob Mayer (who was accompanying Kaplan on tour) to complete the quintet. On this 2001 release, they deliver a nicely varied set of high caliber contemporary Jazz. As expected, both Tsahar and Kaplan are excellent, whether executing ensemble passages, interweaving their improvisations, or soaring high during solo excursions. Sarid (who, like multi-instrumentalist Albert Beger, I had not heard before making my recent purchase of Earsay titles) also shines throughout this set with both his creative solo work and tasteful comping support. Highlights include the showcase for Tsahar on bass clarinet “The Vanishing Blues”, the slow burning celestial groover “Through The Night”, and the excellent freedom chase “Forth”. Another quality Earsay release. I’m ready for more!

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