Monday, March 12, 2007

Final Score: Daryl Licht 3 - eBay 0

I've already posted my rant against eBay's fraudulent feedback forum and scum bag operating procedures, in general. I've also encouraged everybody to not patronize eBay. That all being stated, I'm all for people "using" eBay; "using" in the most malevolent sense of the word, i.e., to exploit them!

Case in point, I recently was turned on to some cool old records by my pal Karl of Anopheles Records. I went home and found them on eBay. I then mined eBay for the info I needed in order to contact the three sellers of these records. I contacted them and made all the necessary arrangements to purchase the records outside of eBay.

So let's review.

Did eBay hurt me/prevent me from getting the records I wanted? No. I secured all three and I did not use their subsidiary PayPal to buy them, so eBay got nothing - zip, zero, zilch, nada - from my activities!

The sellers? They sold their goods and did so without having to pay eBay any sales fees (beyond the initial listing fee) nor any fees for using PayPal, so this manner of processing the transaction was beneficial to them.

EBay? I worked'em. I used and abused their evil system, as they deserve in return for being the scum bags they are and they made not a penny off of me! They only made the initial listing fees off of the sellers, no additional sales fees nor PayPal processing fees. They lost on every count and I won.

So remember, don't be an eBay sucka! Instead, play'em for the fools they are by beating them at their own game. And if ya don't like all this...then don't hate the playa, hate the game!

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