Saturday, December 09, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 12/8/06 - 12/9/06

Adds -

TUCKER, ALEXANDER: Furrowed Brow LP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) - This is the third solo release from musician and cool visual artist, as well, Alexander Tucker. The A-Side is simply stunning, containing some tracks that are pretty straightforward, rich and resonant acid-folk and others that mix in electric leads and electro-drones to mesmerizing effect. The B-Side is dominated by somewhat less successful material of a more experimental nature (although there is one more fine acid-folk track), that combines various loops, drones, and even (on the final track) thick, powerful, distorto-bass. A big improvement upon his, “Old Fog”, release from 2005 and a solid, if a bit uneven at times, entry into the very crowded solo outsider acid-folk/psych field.

Did Not Add -

IRONS & SWAAN MILLER, ASA: S/T LP (Records) - I’m a big fan of Iron’s efforts with the band, Feathers, and I’m also aware of, though less impressed with, his efforts in J. Mascis’ new project, Witch. On this LP he teams up with sweet female vocalist (who was previously unknown to me) Swaan Miller to contribute his offering to the burgeoning field of modern folk releases. Recorded in 2003 as he was travelling around the country, the material on this release is very quiet and straightforward folk. Pleasant and competant enough, to be sure, but, I prefer my modern folk sounds to be fortified with little lysergic touches and, as a result, this LP failed to make the grade.

Running Count For The Year

Adds 155/67%

Did Not Add 77/33%

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