Monday, December 18, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 12/18/06

Adds -

No Adds Of New Releases This Time Around

More archival additions from my recent numerous Amoeba used vinyl scores:

ALLERSEELEN: Heimliche Welt 2XLP (Ahnstern) - Allerseelen is a project led by Austrian writer and musician, Gerhard Kadmon. They have been active since the late-80’s, with many releases on labels such as Ahnstern and the group’s own, Aorta label. This double LP compiles material from their live performances in 1989 and was originally released on cassette. The material is pretty evenly divided between dark ritual soundscapes (which are excellent) and tracks of a more industrial nature (which had limited appeal to me). A cool, though unessential, artifact.

Did Not Add -


Running Count For The Year

Adds 161/67%

Did Not Add 79/33%

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