Friday, May 26, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/21/06 - 5/26/06


CORSANO, CHRIS And Ben Chasney/Metzger: S/T Split LP (Roaratorio) - So, of course, the big deal side of this split LP (which comes in a cool poplar veneer jacket!?!) is supposed to be the Corsano - Chasney side, coming off their recent collaboration on the most recent Six Organs Of Admittance release. Their side, however, contains some fairly uninteresting improvisational percussion and guitar clatter. The saving grace is the side by Paul Metzger, on which he combines droning tampura and guitar, excellently punctuated with trippy, ringing, tones from modified music boxes to create a satisfying late night psychedelic raga.

ELLMAN, LIBERTY: Ophiucus Butterfly CD (Pi) - When it comes to current Jazz, my interest is mainly in Free Jazz. This CD by Henry Threadgill associate, Liberty Ellman, is a rare exception. It combines a nice array of instruments and styles. There are a couple of jaunty stompers, a slow bluesy moaner, a couple of experiments in electro-ambinence, a track that features a heavy eastern influence, with lots of bells, and the releases's highlight, the outstanding, "Chromos", features a tuba! One of my favorite Jazz releases of the year, so far.

YEAR OF: Slow Days LP (MORR Music) - Interesting and gorgeous sounding LP of electronica, marred somewhat, IMHO, by irritating vocals. "Calling Sky", in particular, is outstanding!

Running Count For The Year

Adds 67/57%

Did Not Add 51/43 %

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