Monday, May 15, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/13/06 - 5/15/06


BORIS: Pink CD (Southern Lord) - While I'm actually among those lucky enough to have the original double vinyl issue, this recent re-issue on CD by Southern Lord gives me the opportunity to comment on this great release. Boris is in fine form on, "Pink", putting all facets of their sonic attack on display, from killer stoner rock, to scorching distorto punk, and noisy, doom drones. Among their best!

ESPERS: "II" LP (Drag City) - Weeks and Co. combine fragile, ringing, acoustic guitars, organic drones, exquisite vocals, and killer fuzz guitar to deliver another awesome dose of acid folk. An instant classic!

UFOMAMMUT: Godlike Snake LP (Beard Of Stars) - My exposure to Italian stoner doom outfit, Ufommamut, came with their second release, "Snailking". I also have their third (and latest release), "Lucifer Songs". So, I was quite pleased to see that this, their debut, had been re-issued (on limited vinyl) by Beard Of Stars. This may be my favorite release by them, as it's a little less slow grind and a little more heavy spacerock oriented than their other two releases.

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