Friday, May 11, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/9/07 - 5/11/07

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OLAUSSON, JAKOB: Moonlight Farm LP (Destijl) - “Moonlight Farm” is the debut (and almost entirely solo) release from Sweden’s Jakob Olausson. Using an assortment of instruments such as banjo, bells, flute, violin, and, of course acoustic and electric guitars, Olausson created these 10 little gems of lo-fi acid folk and basement psych. Personal favorites included two tracks which feature dark, but beautiful and well-developed melodies “What Will Tomorrow Bring” and “Silhouette V”, “Welcome Traveler” an acid folk track featuring flute, and “Live To Tell” which is highlighted by soaring, reverb-drenched electric guitar and vocals. While there’ll certainly be no big surprises for aficionados of similar late night fare contained inside these grooves, Olausson’s “Moonlight Farm” is, nevertheless, another solid entry into the canon of contemporary loner/outsider recordings.

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