Sunday, May 27, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/27/07

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NORTH SEA: Exquisite Idols CD (Type) - After many limited edition CDRs and compilation appearances comes “Exquisite Idols”, the debut full-length release from the North Sea, the solo project of Digitalis Industries mogul Brad Rose. Over the course of this album’s 8 tracks, Rose executes all the required moves to earn his “acid folk” merit badge. So, you’ve got a couple of takes on contemporary acid folk sounds such as “Guiwenneth Of The Green Grass” (which combines field recordings, hand percussion, and beautiful acoustic guitar work), the country-tinged “Children Of The Ashes”, an acid folk raga featuring sitar “And Then The Solstice Disappeared”, and the jubliant stomp of the disc’s closing track “Feather-Cloaked Silver Priestess”. There’s also a couple of more experimental pieces, the opening dronescape “Eternal Birds” and the orgy of echoplexed percussion and electronics “Cover Me With Knives”. Like the majority of the many releases currently flooding the scene under the general rubric of “acid folk”, there’s nothing particularly ground breaking on this disc, but with “Exquisite Idols”, Rose has delivered a well-crafted, nicely varied, and engaging set of contemporary acid folk that deserves repeated play.

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