Thursday, May 31, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/28/07 - 5/31/07

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ROBEDOOR/YELLOW SWANS: “Tremor Deliverance”/Untitled Split 7” Single (Arbor) - L. A.’s Robedoor and Portland’s Yellow Swans each contribute a track to this split 7” single on the up and coming and inspirational (as it is owned and operated by 17 year-old Chicagoland resident, Mike Pollard!) Arbor label. Robedoor's “Tremor Deliverance” combines droning keyboards, cello, guitar, and reverbed and delayed vocal wails (ala Raccoo-oo-oon) to create a gorgeous, but somewhat dark, dronescape. The Yellow Swans’ untitled track provides a brief and accurate sonic snapshot of their sound - a dark, powerful, slowly evolving mass of droning psychedelic noise.

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Running Count For The Year

Adds 67/83%

Did Not Add 14/17%

In Other News...

I've been remiss in noting that reviews by the Sonictroubadour of new releases are now also appearing on the fantastic Foxy Digitalis website ( For reasons too numerous and tedious to detail here, some future reviews will be exclusive to Foxy Digitalis, some will remain exclusive to the Sonictroubadour blog you're currently reading, and others will be published in both. So, readers may wish to check out both sites, if they're interested in keeping up on all the latest musical ramblings of the Sonictroubadour.

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