Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/5/07 - 5/8/07

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ZALATNAY, SAROLTA: S/T CD (B-Music) - The record stack rummagers at Finders Keepers return with this compilation of recordings from Hungarian multimedia celebrity, Sarolta Zalatnay. Although the vast majority of the work in her lengthy and varied (music, films, etc.) career in the entertainment industry was aimed at popular mass consumption, she did produce (with the backing of some of Hungary’s best known musical groups of the era such as Locomotiv GT and Skorpio) some fairly unique sounding and high quality, if still mainstream leaning, recordings during the earlier years (the 1970’s) of her career.

This release contains 19 tracks which range from pop to heavy, exploito-psych sounds and funky, hard rock. Throughout this CD, Zalatnay demonstrates that she, unlike so many “celebrity” pop vocalists, is actually a very accomplished singer, delivering full-throated rock wailing; smooth, sultry vocals; and almost childlike pop chanteuse stylings with equal skill. Highlights include the lysergic-tinged folkish pop of “Munanyag Almok” and “Adj Egy Percet”, the hard rockin’ "Itt A Nyar" and “Fekete Arnyek”, the rockin’ funk of “Hadd Mondjam El” and "Egyser", and a couple of jazz informed tracks “Egy Szot Se Szolj” and "Zold Borostyan". As was the case with the Phil Trainer reissue I recently reviewed, some of the material on this CD is just too mainstream pandering to be of merit, but the tasty fuzz wah and heavy percussion, present throughout the majority of this release, combined with the use of Eastern European phrasing and the exotic sound of Zalatnay’s Hungarian vocals and make this compilation yet another “guilty pleasure” with too many charms to be denied.

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