Monday, January 22, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 1/22/07

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SOUND IN ACTION TRIO: Design In Time CD (Delmark) - I was quite impressed with last year’s release by the Sound in Action Trio, “Gate” (one of my Top Ten Jazz releases of 2006), so I decided that I needed to investigate their 1999 debut, “Design In Time”. This release features a slightly different lineup, with percussionist, Tim Mulvenna, joining reed master, Ken Vandermark, and percussionist, Richard Berry, to form this incarnation of the trio. This release is a lot more subdued than “Gate” (which I remember as being a somewhat more full-throttled affair), with lots of space being left to focus on the complex polyrhythms and interplay of Berry and Mulvenna. For the most part, Vandermark plays it cool, only really going for the outer limits on, naturally, Ayler's, "Angels". Still, Vandermark’s snaky clarinet on Sun Ra’s, “Sounds And Something Else”, is sublime, as is his tasteful work on Ornette Coleman’s, “Feet Music”, Monk’s, “Green Chimneys”, and his own,”Cut To Fit”. While I can't say that I find this release to be as compelling as, "Gate", there are certainly enough performances that require repeated listening to merit an addition into the Sonictroubadour's library.

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