Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 - My Personal Music Year In Review - Part Five

Top Ten Reissues Of 2006

(Listed Alphabetically, Not By Ranking)

Note - I am only including here reissues of rare, underground recordings, not remastered versions of gold and platinum sellers like the recent spate of (admittedly,very cool) AC/DC vinyl reissues, for example. I also do not include collections containing reissued tracks, such as the Prae-Kraut Pandemonium series, for example.

BUNALIM: Bunalim LP (Shadoks)

CHATHAM, RHYS: An Angel Moves Too Fast to See LP (Table Of The Elements)

D’SILVA, AMANCIO: Konkan Dance LP (Qbico)

ERSEN: Dünden Bugüne CD (Underground Masters)

MAYPOLE: The Real LP (Anopheles)

PERERIN: Teithgan LP (Guersson)

SAN UL LIM: 3 CD (World Psychedelia)

SELDA: S/T LP (Finders Keepers)

SOTHEAR, SREI AND SIN SISAMOUTH: Cambodian Psych-Out LP (El Suprimo / Defective Records)

3/3: Sanbun No San LP (Shadoks)

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