Monday, September 18, 2006

Right Wing Media Lies!

Bay Area right wing talkers KSFO obviously know how to emulate well our deceitful President and his Administration. Here’s two quick examples:

1 - They run promos stating that they’re, “...not the mainstream media, yet.”. Uh, excuse me, but KSFO is owned and operated by Disney and that’s about as mainstream as it gets! Another example that the alleged liberal mainstream (and other!) media is a myth!

2 - They run a variety of promos that claim they’re, “...the Bay Area’s talk leader.”. Huh?!? When in the last 25 years has any station other than KGO been number one? Even the regrettable Mr. Number One everywhere else, Lush Limpballs, doesn’t out pull middle of the roader Ronn Owens on KGO in the morning!

Yep, right wingers who lie - I’m sooooooo shocked!!!!!

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