Monday, September 25, 2006

KSFO - Do They Ever Tell The Truth In Any Of Their Station Promos?

Ads running for their broadcasts of the Raiders claim that the Raiders are the “winningest” team in Pro Football.

Well, lets see as of the beginning of the 2006 season here were the stats:

Most Regular Season Wins - Chicago Bears 657

Most Post Season Wins - Dallas Cowboys 32

Most Combined Wins - Chicago Bears 671

Highest Winning Percentage Regular Season - Miami Dolphins .599

Highest Winning Percentage Post Season - Baltimore Ravens .714

Highest Winning Percentage Overall - Miami Dolphins .594

With their 0-2 start, the Raiders could not have improved their standing in any category.

That would seem to cover every conceivable “winningest” title, so - how are the Raiders the “winningest” team in Pro Football? Answer - They’re not! KSFO is just telling more lies!

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