Friday, September 29, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 9/26/06 - 9/29/06

Adds -

WARE, DAVID S. QUARTET: BalladWare CD (Thiristy Ear) - Unlike many contemporary beards, I can dig ballads within the Jazz idiom, at least when they’re well done by the right group of musicians. As the title suggests, ballads are what you get on this latest (and, sadly rumored, last - although I haven’t heard a reason stated as to why that would be the case, and he’s only 55!?!) release from the great David S. Ware Quartet. Ware is absolutely fantastic on this date, delivering intense, soulful, very lyrical solos throughout. Shipp (the best pianist in Jazz at the moment) provides an almost endlessly creative foundation for Ware’s sonic explorations. Brown is understated, but always tastefully “right there” with the brush stroke or sizzling cymbal that adds just the right touch. Parker (another member of this quartet that would be in the starting line-up of my personal current All-Star Jazz Band) is also fairly understated, as well, on this date, but helps hold things together and move them along quite nicely. Excellent!

More archival additions from my recent numerous Amoeba used vinyl scores:

KUEPPER, ED: Electrical Storm LP (Hot) - Scored a nearly perfect original copy of the solo debut from ‘85 from this former Saints leader. Nice mixture of somewhat melancoly acoustic numbers, sparse pop(ish) tracks, and tense rockers. Along with his recordings for the Saints and the Aints’, “Ascension” LP, this is his best material.

Did Not Add -


Running Count For The Year

Adds 116/62%

Did Not Add 72/38%

Oh, and as always - FUCK GRAWER AND KFJC!!!!!

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