Friday, September 22, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 9/19/06 - 9/22/06

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GRAILS: Interpretations Of Three Psychedelic Rock Songs From Around The World CD-EP (Latitudes) - Grails kick off the limited Latitudes series with a trio of excellent and fairly faithful covers of classic psych from The Byrds (Space Odyssey), Gong (The Master Builder), and The Flower Travellin’ Band (Satori). Like I said about the, “In Demons In”, 10” a few days ago, it’s not gonna change your life, but it is pretty neat to hear/have.

NOTARO, MARCONI: No Sub Reino Dos Metazoarios LP (Time-Lag) - Reissue of the 1973 lone solo release from Brasilian Poet/scenester, Marconi Notaro, who was associated with the whole Satwa collective. The material here, not surprisingly, is mostly pretty tasty acid folk (though there’s one stoned pysch rocker, too!) similar to Satwa, whose members, Lula Cortez and Ze Ramalho, make major contributions to this release. A nice public service to make this available.

SMITH, STEVEN R.: The Anchorite LP (Important) - Steven R. Smith has long been a personal favorite and, again, on this limited vinyl release, he plays a stunning variety of instruments to create a stellar assortment of dark, late night tones, deep feedback drones, and murky acid folk.

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