Saturday, December 22, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 12/22/07

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V/A: Bearded Ladies, Volume One (Bird) - Talented performer and Bird Records founder Jane Weaver (pictured above) joined forces with the uber-collectors over at Finders Keepers to produce this collection of femme folk and psychedelia. It’s a well balanced collection, too, featuring recordings from the 1960’s up until the present and containing a roster of artists from around the globe. Among the current generation’s entries my favorites included Speck Mountain’s sublime blend of organ drones and cool, repetitive guitar figures “Hey-Moon” and the contribution from the set’s co-curator “All These Rivers”, in which Weaver’s beautiful vocals and acoustic guitar are tastefully augmented by sweet string work. The dark folk of “Refuge” by Heaven and Earth, Brigitte Fontaine’s psych raga “Le Goudron”, Turid Lundqvist’s intoxicating concoction of lazy lounge pop with undercurrents of psychedelic jamming “Lat Mig Se Dig”, and Bonnie Dobson’s (pictured below) incredible dose of acid folk “Milk & Honey” were among the highlights of the nuggets from yesteryear. With its stylistically diverse array of high quality lysergic aural treats, “Bearded Ladies, Volume One” is a welcome addition to any collection.

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