Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 12/12/07


V/A: Welsh Rare Beat 2 LP (Finders Keepers) - The audio archivists at Finders Keepers return with the second volume in their excellent “Welsh Rare Beat” series. It contains 21 rare recordings which document the diverse Welsh music scene of the 1970’s, with material ranging from folk to pop and, even, some rock. Some of the biggest names in the history of modern Welsh music, like Meic Stevens and Heather Jones return for this volume, sharing the platter with the series debut of more obscure, but equally cool artists, such as Hergest (pictured above) and Galwad Y Mynydd. Personal favorites included two tracks from Heather Jones, the crystalline, lysergic folk of “Can I Janis” and the pop-rock of “Can O Dristwch”, Y Gwenwyn’s beautiful interpretation of the traditional “Hen Benillion”, the popish folk of “Niwi Y Mor” by Galwad Y Mynydd, the slinky funk of Sidan’s “Ar Goll”, the funky rock of “Rosi “ by Edward H. Dafis, and the classic, Mid-70’s rock stylings of “Gwr Bonheddig Hael” from Chwys. While I can’t say that I was quite as impressed with this second edition as I was with the first (and the number of tracks by “returning” artists or that have been, unfortunately, recycled from other collections previously issued by Finders Keepers or one of its “subsidiaries”, like the aforementioned “Gwr Bonheddig Hael” by Chwys, which also appeared on B-Music’s recent, “Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip”, may hint that the well of high quality material may be nearly running dry), “Welsh Rare Beat 2” is still another solid, entertaining, and welcome overview of the underexposed and under appreciated Welsh music scene of the 1970’s.

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