Thursday, December 13, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 12/13/07

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FRED ANDERSON / DKV TRIO: S/T CD (Okka Disk) - I picked up this 1997 collaboration between legendary tenor man Fred Anderson and the DKV Trio (Hamid Drake - percussion, Kent Kessler - bass, and Ken Vandermark - reeds) as part of my ongoing exploration of all things Vandermark related. This is a significant document, as it marks the first recorded encounter between Vandermark and Anderson. The six compositions on this set are split evenily between soulful, blues-based numbers and more modern, expressive, free-blowing tracks. Highlights among the former category included “Black Woman” and, perhaps, the album's best piece, the beautifully crafted “Lady’s In Love”. Of the more outre fare, “Aaron’s Tune” and, especially, the high-energy dual freedom chase “Our Theme” were my personal favorites. While I’d certainly be hard-pressed to assert with any conviction that the material on this disc even remotely represents the pinnacle of achievement for any of the artists involved, this release is, nevertheless, an interesting, enjoyable, and worthy addition to any jazz collection.

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