Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 9/25/07

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AI ASO / WATA: She's So Heavy Split 7” Single (Diwphalanx) - This limited split 7” single from Japan’s Ai Aso and Boris’ guitarist/vocalist Wata has got to be one of the ultimate fetish items in recent memory. It comes enclosed in a 60 page booklet, the majority of which contains a series of full color photos of the two stars of this disc. Ai Aso initiates the proceedings with an excellent lysergic space pop version of King Crimson’s “Islands” on the A-Side, in which her ethereal vox and sweeping mellotron are combined with You Ishihara’s (White Heaven, Stars) tasteful, shimmering, tremeloed guitar tones. On the B-Side, Wata makes her "solo" debut (backed by an outstanding supporting cast which includes all the other members of Boris and legendary guitarist Michio Kurihara of White Heaven/Ghost/Stars fame) with the track "Angel". It's another dose of lush psychedelic pop, with the rhythm section and Kurihara’s beautiful guitar work providing the foundation for Wata’s soft, almost spoken word vocals until Wata takes the track out with one of her trademark sustained feedback solos - sweet! Given the steep price ($30+) of this single, it would be hard for me to make a compelling argument that a lot of people would view this as being an essential purchase, but it is a very cool and rare sonic artifact that’s a welcome addition to my library.

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